Skincare Brand

Website Copywriting

This skincare brand offers a luxurious skincare oil made from plant-based ingredients inspired by Sicily. The founder was seeking assistance with writing compelling yet scientifically accurate website copy to support the new product launch. After contacting Jennifer and embarking on the discovery phase, the research and writing process began.


Curu Skin Website - FreshLeaf Marketing

Discovery + Market Analysis


Tone of voice is incredibly important when it comes to writing website copy that resonates. Jennifer took time to research competitors and assess the brand to gain a sense of the style of communications and tone needed to connect with the target audience.


Research + Writing | Creative + Scientific


This project was the perfect blend of creative and scientific writing. The brand vision and identity was so well-defined that the only heavy lifting required was on the science side.

Jennifer put her nutritional science hat on and carefully combed through the scientific literature for each ingredient to ensure product descriptions were enticing to customers while also educating about the product benefit.

Particular attention was paid to the founder’s personal story and struggle with skin issues and how she used her love of Sicily to create this custom blend.

It was a pleasure discovering the science behind each active ingredient and envisioning how rich the product would feel on the skin!