SFI Medical Equipment Solutions

Rebrand + Full Branding Package

SFI Medical Equipment Solutions provides medical equipment, parts, and services to hospitals and long-term care facilities across Canada.

With the long-term care sector poised for expansion, SFI Medical was seeking help to breathe new life into its brand to connect with their customers and continue their strong growth trajectory.



Jennifer’s health science background and full-stack marketing experience in a corporate environment was the ideal fit for SFI Medical’s needs.

A full rebrand was undertaken to develop a fresh brand identity and messaging framework and build a complete set of assets including templates and graphics.


Discovery + Marketing Audit

The discovery phase is one of the most important steps to developing a successful marketing strategy. Jennifer began with market research, creation of audience buyer personas, and a competitive analysis. A full marketing audit was also done to reveal gaps and opportunities.

Brand Identity

Once the market segments and audiences were understood at a deeper level, the rebranding process could begin. The new brand identity included articulating the company’s vision and mission and designing a  new logo, colour palette, recommended fonts, and graphic design styles. All of it was outlined in the brand guidelines for easy reference.

Brand Messaging


Next, Jennifer developed fresh brand messaging to clearly communicate SFI’s offering and brand story as well as the customer benefit. A company tagline was created along with a messaging framework with key message pillars for use across all marketing communications and sales touchpoints.


Certainty today for better care tomorrow.

Brand Package + Visual Assets


A full set of branded assets and other marketing materials were created for print and digital, including flyers and business cards, since traditional marketing is still valued by this audience. Consistent branded templates were created for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other software to ensure consistency across all touchpoints. Social media images were designed to supplement traditional tactics with an online strategy for LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.