We exist to help you grow. It's in our DNA.

When you mix strategy, creativity, and science, growth has no limits.

At FreshLeaf, we rely on industry expertise and deep understanding of strategic marketing to assess where you are, understand where you want to be tomorrow, and recommend a path forward.

From building a compelling social media presence to serving as your company’s entire marketing department, we’ll find a customized solution that meets your goals.

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Even the most ingenious product or service will not have guaranteed success in the marketplace. Understanding the market and your audience is critical for a winning marketing strategy that engages and adds value to your ideal customer. We help companies gather market data and audience insights to make informed decisions for long-term growth. For even deeper results, we can also survey your current and past customers to learn how you can better meet their needs.

Unlock your competitive advantage

Business & Market Insights

Understanding market trends, demand, and the external forces at play in your industry will equip you with the information you need to grow and thrive. We use a mix of primary and secondary research to gather business and market insights tailored to your company and sector.

Competitive Analysis

Gaining competitive intel will help guide your differentiation and positioning strategies so your customers recognize the value you bring to the table. We'll assess your top competitors' marketing strategies, branding, competitive threats, and more so you're up to speed on what the competition is doing.

Target Market Research

How well do you understand your audience? Knowing who you are selling to, their characteristics, and how they make purchasing decisions is the foundation on which successful marketing strategies are based on. We work with companies to create buyer personas that can be used as a guiding force for all channels and tactics.

Business Plans

Before you can secure funding or pitch to investors, you'll need a concrete and well-organized business plan. We help companies build business plans ranging from a simple business model canvas to more robust plans including in-depth analysis of the market, operations, sales, finance, management structure, and much more.


Marketing is nothing without a strong, purposeful strategy behind it. Using our combined business and marketing knowledge, and understanding of the unique challenges facing STEM-based companies, we can help you develop a solid marketing strategy. Because everyone’s needs are different, we have different options available, including VIP sessions, monthly coaching, and project-based work. Educational options such as workshops and webinars are also available.

Build a strategic marketing program

Marketing Strategy Project

One-time engagement to delve deep into your business, identify gaps, and offer strategic recommendations for what your brand and marketing activities should look like over the next 6-12 months.


Full-day, deep dive sessions focused customized exactly to your organization's goals and marketing needs. Staff training available to bring your team up to speed and get them involved.

Business Development Support

Customized materials and guidance to support your sales and BD team's efforts while looking professional and on-brand. Sometimes a re-fresh is all that's needed!

Webinars & Speaking Engagements

Educational speaking engagements on a wide range of marketing and business topics customized to your company, industry association, or other group.

Map Your Brand DNA

Like the genetic material inside all of our body’s cells, your brand DNA informs every single action and decision in your business – especially marketing. We’ll work with you to articulate your core brand concept (the DNA backbone) anchoring it all, along with the “connectors” – your brand identity, messaging, channels and tactics, and creative. Taken together, your Brand DNA serves as a guide for everything from big-picture decisions to the smallest detail.

Let the world know your value

Brand Identity

Logos, colour palette, typography, design styles, imagery and more - all wrapped up in a brand guidelines document to ensure consistency across all marketing touchpoints.

Creative Development

A complete set of eye-catching visual assets is the first step to nailing your digital marketing strategy. We'll help you inject creativity into your brand for a more memorable and engaging visual presence.

Brand Messaging

Articulate your brand value through clear and compelling messaging with the customer's pain points in mind - no jargon or product features needed.


Is your brand feeling a little stale? Let's hit the "refresh" button to better connect build a more meaningful and authentic perception in your customer's eyes.

Personal Branding for Technical Professionals

Stand out as the thought leader you are with personalized brand messaging, creative, and a social posting strategy that gets results. We'll help you create a unique message and build a media presence, including podcast guesting, speaking engagements, video thought leadership and more.


With your strategy in place and your brand DNA mapped out, you’re ready to to shout your message from the rooftops! But don’t just do a bit of everything – focusing on where your audience is and which tactics resonate with them is key to attracting your ideal client and providing value that will leave a lasting impression. We help companies figure out the right mix of promotional tactics and create content and communications to meet your business objectives.

Get your message to the right people


Website strategy and creative direction, copywriting, landing pages, lead generation strategy and more to make the most of your business online.

Social Media

Strategy, design, and management across all main platforms. Done-for-you social media packs (design and/or captions) available for Instagram and LinkedIn.

Content Writing & Design

Articles, blogging, whitepapers, e-books, case studies, testimonials, webinars, press releases.

Technical/Scientific Copywriting

More technical written pieces incorporating peer-reviewed research, industry insights, market research, and more.

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