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In this 19-page guide, we share our tried-and-true marketing strategies to grow your health science business without wasting your time and resources.

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Health Science Marketing Guide - FreshLeaf Marketing
Jennifer Andrews | FreshLeaf Marketing

Meet Jennifer Andrews

Hi there! I’m Jennifer, a scientist-turned-marketer with an MBA and over a decade of corporate marketing experience in the life sciences sector.

Since launching my business, I’ve helped STEM professionals of all kinds start, grow, and run their companies. The common problems they all have? Feeling overwhelmed by marketing and not knowing how to make their highly technical messaging compelling.

Today it’s my mission to help other science-based business owners unlock the power of marketing to stand out, get found, and gain more leads.

I hope you find this guide useful! I’m here for you if you want to chat further about your business and marketing challenges. Book a call with me or email me at [email protected].