How to Write a Case Study That Drives Leads & Sales [Worksheet]

Content marketing still reigns as one of the most effective marketing tactics for B2B organizations. Stats show that 80% of decision makers prefer to get information from an article than an ad.1

That’s not surprising in the least and is the reason inbound marketing is so effective. Hardly anyone enjoys being blatantly sold to, but most of us love consuming valuable information for free.

The Benefits of Content Marketing in B2B

How do B2B brands benefit from content marketing? A well-planned content strategy piques interest, builds trust, generates leads, and ultimately encourages prospects to buy when they’re ready (not necessarily when you’re pitching to them). Not only that, content marketing boosts SEO, driving more traffic to your website from the search engine results page.

If your business has been dabbling in content marketing for a while, but you’re not seeing the results you’d like in terms of new leads, it might be time to develop some bottom-funnel content.

Bottom what, you say? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Bottom-Funnel Content for Lead Generation

The bottom of the sales funnel is where your audience has long passed the awareness stage and is closer to conversion. At this point, visitors are seeking deeper information to help them make their purchasing decision.

Stated plainly, the scope and depth of information you provide here really matters. You want to make the decision-making process as easy as possible for prospects and, of course, skewed in your favour compared to competitors.

This is where case studies come in.

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Why Include Case Studies in Your Content Marketing?

Case studies are an exceptionally effective form of bottom-funnel content for B2B. Their purpose is to describe a how a specific problem was solved, including the steps, tools, results, and benefits to the customer.

Think about it: what if you were a buyer shopping for a solution, and you came across a compelling, well-written case study that described not only the exact problem you’re facing, but precisely how the company solved it?

Yeah. We thought so!

How to Write a Compelling B2B Case Study

Writing a case study that drives leads and sales is difficult, but it’s a critical piece of a winning content marketing strategy.

The best case studies showcase your brand differentiators and value proposition, highlight your core competencies and most profitable offerings, and tell a compelling story that ends with the client’s success – with your organization as the hero.

Get Your Free Case Study Worksheet

Ready to gain more leads with a case study of your own but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a helpful worksheet to make the process quicker and easier. Just download it for free, print it off, and get to work! Your new leads await.

Use this worksheet to learn:

  • What information to include in your case study (and what to leave out)
  • How to articulate your client success story in a persuasive way
  • What format and style to use to maximize leads and sales


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1. B2B PR Blog, 2016

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